Fashion matching techniques for New Lolita girls

Hi Girls,

Headbands are a key accessory in the lolita fashion world. Most headbands are shaped a bow or they are old fashioned hats. Lolita headbands are a great way to finish off any look. For a lolita tea party, a lacey corset headband would make the look complete. A pastel-colored headband that is simple yet complex in design is the ideal look for a tea party. Here's an example of what headband I would use for a lolita tea party. It's a sweet style that is sure to catch everyone's attention in a room.        

A dress is an essential part of the lolita style. Not just any dress, but an elegant dress that has an enchanting essence about it. The style of the dress shown has detailed trumpet sleeves and a collar that is accented with a small bow. On the bottom of the dress has a cupid design. The dress that would match the headband the best would be a pink dress. This cute style is sure to stand out on any occasion, but especially at a lolita tea party. For how remarkably detailed the dress is, it is a great find.        
Another important part of lolita fashion is pumpkin pants. What sets pumpkin pants apart from the rest are their ruffles and shape. When pumpkin pants first became the in thing, they were worn under a dress as a kind of hosiery. Now they can be worn alone or under a dress. The pumpkin pants shown below are a classic style with a ruffled look. They come in many different colors. The most popular color options for the pants are black or white. To match the tea party look, the white pumpkin pants would be the best choice. These pumpkin pants would be worn under the dress as hosiery instead of on their own.  

The final step to making the tea party-style complete is a white petticoat. A petticoat is designed to add a fuller look to any dress or skirt. It can be put on after you put on pumpkin pants or alone under a skirt or dress. Petticoats were a huge part of the victorian era. Back then, petticoats were worn over a hoop to hide the appearance of a hoop. Now, they are a part of the lolita style. Lolita fashion is greatly inspired by the Victorian era. Petticoats come in many different colors, the most popular being black, white, or red. For the tea party outfit, the white petticoat would look the best.   
In lolita fashion, it is common to wear thigh high socks or pantyhose with an outfit. Pantyhose are a popular thing to wear underneath a dress, whereas thigh high socks are usually paired with a skirt. However, thigh highs can also be worn with a dress as well depending on the occasion and overall look of the outfit. With thigh high socks, a higher heeled shoe is worn. Shoes such as platforms, boots, or high heels are a good pairing with thigh high socks. When wearing pantyhose under a dress or skirt, almost any pair of shoes will go with the look. The only shoe that should be avoided if possible when wearing with pantyhose is boots or sneakers.   

Gothic style is also a huge part of the lolita fashion world. Shoes play a very important role in gothic fashion. There are many different styles of shoes you can pair with a gothic dress. One of the pairs of shoes being a classic pair of high heels. A classic kind of lolita high heel to match with a gothic dress would be a pair of heels that are black with a bow on the back of the shoes. Although, lolita high heels come in many different styles.     
Platforms are another great pair of shoes to go along with any gothic dress. When choosing a pair of platforms, just remember, the higher they are the more they stand out. Lolita fashion is all about standing out and setting yourself apart from everyone else. A good way to add a pop of color to any gothic look is through a pair of shoes. This pair happens to be a bright shade of red, and have a very high platform heel on them.          
Lastly, the most timeless pair of shoes you can pair with a gothic dress would be a pair of Mary Janes. Mary Jane shoes have been around for a very long time. Known for their flat sole and strap across them, they can be paired with anything. In gothic lolita looks, it's good to know that there are Mary Janes out there that aren't that plain to look at. There's Mary Janes that have very fun detailing on them. However, the pair of Mary Janes shown below are a classic looking pair that is gothic-styled. 
Bags are also a very fun accessory to add an extra flair to a lolita outfit. There are so many bags to choose from when deciding what bag goes with certain costumes, textures, and other accessories in an outfit. A good rule of thumb when picking out a bag is what the overall theme of the outfit is. Once you have figured out what look you are going for, you're ready to pick out the bag that matches. This is a good example of a bag one would wear with a Victorian-style look.     
If a lolita is going to a tea party, here is how you would match an outfit. First, you would pick out the dress. Make sure it is dainty and detailed for this kind of occasion. Next, pick out all of the undergarments such as pumpkin pants, petticoats, and hosiery. All of those items are important for a look that is tea party-ready. Finally, it's time to pick out shoes and accessories. When doing that, make sure you don't choose anything that is too flashy. Everything should work well with each other and have the same theme to it. Once you have put together your final look, you're ready to have fun at your tea party!

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